• Check for null reference when loading thumbnails
  • Destroy empty galleria
  • Rule out false positives as Win10 wrongly reports some Devices as touch enabled


  • Fix Error mesages


  • Fix Fullscreen CDN demo


  • Include Fullscreen Theme for free


  • Versioning and compatibility checks for themes


  • Fix error in CDN Distribution


  • jQuery 3 Support


  • CDN Support


  • Youtube fix


  • Patch, added Galleria.getLoadedThemes()


  • Allow preloading of themes
  • Remove empty placeholders for iframe thumbnails if option is set to false



  • Fullscreen support IE11+
  • Fixed iframe bug/disappearing content
  • Fixed touch /click events for hybrid devices


  • More swipe optimizations when loading images
  • Changed the swipe option to be more descriptive


  • Fixes for IE10 & IE11
  • Stability update for swipe with large images (fixes the “black screen” bug)
  • Speed updates for Azur


  • Stability update for touches and swipes
  • Replaced the error-prone fastclick with a custom event (click:fast)
  • Added support for AMD loaders like require.js and commonJS syntax
  • Added IE10 and IE11 detections


  • Visual updates to each theme
  • Added variations - a simple option that creates a visual variation to the theme, f.ex “light” or “smallarrows”
  • Fixed many animations on touch devices
  • Improved finger movement animations


  • Fixed some touch issues on resize
  • Fixed a twelve touch bug on thumbnails
  • Cleaned up and activated the fastclick
  • Fixed a fullscreen return bug in non-native mode


  • Added a much improved touch/slide experience, close to native.
  • Added a fastclick variant for better overall touch experience
  • Handle a random ready issue when loading dynamic CSS in IE
  • Fixed html5 data to strict typing (string)
  • Added thumbPosition option, same as imagePosition but for thumbnails
  • Fixed FF fullscreen class bug
  • Fixed FF carousel animation bug
  • Added a poster image for videos, and an option for disabling it.
  • Much improved general video handling using poster images, better media fetching and overall improved user experience


  • Clicknext/lightbox is now only triggered on left-click
  • Better internal queue handling
  • Improved the .destroy() method so it destroys all events and data as well
  • Added an automatic .destroy() trigger if a gallery was initialized on an element that already contained a gallery (no more silent fail)
  • Removed automatic gallery updates when using .loadTheme()
  • Added a static Galleria.unloadTheme() that unloads the existing theme and prepares for a new one
  • Fixed an IE8 bug with initial inherited opacity for images
  • Added fullscreen functionality from within an iframe gallery, assuming that the iframe and parent window protocol, host and ports match
  • Added a maxVideoSize option that limits the iframe/video size


  • Fixed a dummy image bug
  • Responsive is now default true, and it will also keep the original aspect ratio per default. You can still set your own ratio if you configure a height less than two.
  • Fixed Galleria.log
  • Fixed a bug with multiple galleries and true fullscreen
  • Fixed a Galleria.on bug
  • Fixed tooltip bug in some IE versions
  • .push() now silently adds new thumbnails without reloading the thumbnail bar
  • Fixed a enterFullscreen bug in FF if fullscreen was entered during transition
  • Added a thumbDisplayOrder option (defaults true) that will make the thumbnails appear in order (but still load async)
  • Added a ‘lazy’ option for thumbnails, making them lazy so you can control the loading later
  • Added two more API calls - ‘lazyLoad()’ and ‘lazyLoadChunks()’ that controls how the lazy thumbnails should be loaded
  • Galleria now uses a test element to know when the CSS is loaded for better Android compatibility. If you are getting errors after upgrading you should also download the latest theme files.
  • Fixed some performance issues in Folio, it should now work more stable across all browsers
  • Added a dataSort option that you can use to sort the images before showing them


  • Fixed an issue with double events when using clicknext and layer.
  • Moved the clicknext target from the stage to the image element
  • Fixed an IE bug that made the overlay invinsible when calling lightbox multiple times.
  • Fixed an IE9 bug that made the lightbox navigation work incorrectly
  • Fixed a timer that caused iOS5 to not trigger the fullscreen_close event in some setups
  • Added support for HTML5 data attributes for passing data to Galleria. We will continue to have legacy support, but this is now the recommended way to pass data.
  • The event object passed at image, thumbnail, loadstart and loadfinish events now also contains the current gallery data, passed as ‘galleriaData’
  • Added video support for Vimeo, Youtube and Dailymotion video URLs. Se the image data reference for implementation instructions.
  • Removed the description attribute for Picasa, since google only uses one caption. Instead, we now extract the caption as title (instead of the file name).
  • Added youtube, vimeo and dailymotion options for setting custom player parameters for each provider
  • Added iframe support, now you can place any website URL as iframe, as long as the site allows it.
  • Added two more crops: ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’. ‘landscape’ is the most useful - it crops landscape pictures but not portrait. ‘portrait’ crops the other way around.
  • Removed the debug message for “image not loaded in 30 seconds”, as it was causing much more confusion than good
  • Added a “wait” option, this defines how long Galleria should wait when trying to extract measurements before throwing an error. Set this to true for infinity.
  • Added a destroy() method in the API
  • Added a new reference called “Galleria error messages” where we list all common errors, what causes them and how to solve them.
  • Fixed minor lightbox/clicknext bug for touch devices
  • Fixed a cross-domain issue when adding themes from other domains in firefox
  • Fixed some timer bugs for multiple galleries
  • Added a ‘resize’ method in the API and a new option called ‘responsive’. Setting this to true will allow the entire gallery to scale according to dynamic CSS properties.
  • Made it possible to use a relative height, specified by a low number for height declaration that will be the ratio
  • Added Galleria.configure as a static option for adding options
  • Added as the official initialization method
  • Added Galleria.on as a static binder for events
  • Added a fallback that uses domReady if the element is not found on the first init
  • Added support for native fullscreen in Firefox 10+, Chrome and Safari 5+. You can disable it by setting trueFullscreen to false


  • Fixed a fullscreen bug on the first image when using a bigger photo
  • Fixed so that the image will return to it’s original source when exiting fullscreen
  • Added a warning if the page is in quirks mode (IE only)
  • Fixed a rendering error that caused a blank image if the user moved images really fast using the slide transition
  • Added fullscreenTransition and touchTransition options
  • Lightbox now also preloads the next two big images for faster navigation while in lightbox mode
  • Layer now inherits lightbox, link or clicknext events set on image or stage
  • Fixed a load issue in webkit causing a width/height error for cached images in debug mode
  • Increased CSS load timeout
  • Fixed a positioning bug in IE when the images where positioned far to the left when entering fullscreen mode using a different transition


  • Removed the need for having .jpg .gif .png as file ending for Galleria to recognize the file as an image
  • Improved error handling when loading images
  • Removed translate3d and use regular css3 transitions for desktop webkit to prevent resize bugs
  • Removed css3 animations in Opera since the implementation is still buggy
  • Added ‘layer’ in data model – a HTML layer above the image that follows the image transitions and position.
  • Improved events for handling loading of themes
  • Fixed many alpha bugs in IE when using Utils.hide and
  • Added dummy option so you can show a fallback image if the active image could not be fetched
  • Added a setPlaytime method that lets you change the slideshow interval anytime
  • Fixed logging bug in IE
  • Added the instance into $.data so you can use $(target).data(‘galleria’).anyApiMethod()
  • Added version and a static .requires(version) method
  • Reworked the image load methods to work more efficient and cross-browser friendly
  • Fixed so that the carousel follows any initial index set by the show option
  • Fixed a rendering bug in some environments where the image was right-aligned
  • Added the History plugin
  • Added a fullscreenCrop option for separate cropping in fullscreen mode
  • Added the Picasa plugin
  • Added an imageTimeout option for setting a custom timeout for Galleria when fetching images


  • Improved overall error messages
  • Galleria now prints debug messages to the Galleria container for easier debugging
  • Debug is now true by default - set debug to false when deploying
  • Changed lightbox image to use the bigger image if available
  • Fixed a link bug that caused the link destination to be mixed up between images
  • Added a rel attribute in the HTML that can be used to provide a big image for fullscreen view
  • Removed a thumbnail height check before validating the measurements
  • Added keyboard nav for the lightbox
  • Added canvas rescaling support for better thumbnail generation on the client. Still experimental; set useCanvas to true if you want to try it.
  • Fixed a rounding error in IE9 that caused the thumbnails to stretch
  • Added CSS3 animations (including hardware optimized for iOS) with jQuery fallbacks for all transitions and other animations
  • Added a swipe option (default true) to activate swipe gesture for navigating on touch devices
  • Improved the touchstart event for a better mobile experience in general
  • Improved the Galleria.TOUCH boolean to detect if the document supports an actual touch event
  • Improved the classic theme, other themes will also be improved
  • Fixed a webkit bug where the scrollbar sometimes disappeared after returning from fullscreen
  • Added a Galleria.ready function to simplify customizations and attaching plugins to each gallery when initialized
  • Added a new transition: ‘doorslide’ that will slide the images in opposite directions
  • Added ‘idleMode’ option, set this to false to prevent the gallery from entering idle mode at all
  • Added ‘fullscreenDoubleTap’ option (default true) that listens for the double-tap event on touch devices and toggle fullscreen mode if it happens.


  • Added Flickr plugin docs
  • Increased CSS load timeout to fix many loadTheme errors
  • Increased image load timeout to 30sec
  • Added ‘big’ as data key. This makes it possible to provide a bigger image for fullscreen mode.
  • Added ‘Using image data’ reference to explain in detail how Galleria handles image data
  • Added isPlaying(), isFullscreen() and refreshImage() to the API docs
  • Fixed so that exiting fullscreen mode will also revert the keymap that was applied before entering
  • Fixed attachKeyboard so that you can attach a custom keyCode (thanks rspeicher)
  • Fixed chrome bug when fading the tooltip
  • Fixed double show bug when using load()
  • Fixed initialTransition option bug
  • Fixed so that the counter updates properly when modifying the data object at run time
  • Improved lightbox controls
  • Fixed fade bug in lightbox mode
  • Added a lightbox option as a helper for attaching a click event that triggers the lightbox for each image
  • Added playToggle() method in the docs


  • Fixed showInfo, showCounter and showImagenav options
  • Fixed IE bug when loading a theme from jQuery’s domReady callback
  • Fixed IE7 bug when calculating height, it now takes the maximum height from different values
  • Fixed IE bug when showing/hiding counters with transparent pngs inside


  • Fixed Chrome image loading bug in Chrome 9 / OSX by forcing chrome to reload the image using a timestamp get if no width/height is detected.
  • Removed the Galleria.THEMELOAD event that caused the debugger to throw an error in debug mode when using multiple instances.


  • 1.2 stable release 2011-02-18